Corporate Yoga

YogUrja has been conducting Yoga workshops for Corporates and Government organizations for the last 18 years and have trained over 27,000 employees in Corporate and Government Organizations.

Work related stress is a growing problem around the world. Hectic work schedules, sedentary desk jobs, long working hours, multi-tasking, deadlines, targets, competition combined with long commutes,  irregular eating habits, disturbed sleep cycles create a pool of  employees who are mentally and physically stressed. Exposure to such pressures for a long period of time can lead to hypertension, sleeplessness, backaches, migraines among other issues. It will not only affect a person’s efficiency and productivity at work but also impact life beyond the workplace.

Flexibility for Beginners

WHAT WE OFFER : YogUrja offers the Yoga@workplace program, in which we modulate a series of asanas and breathing techniques best suited to your work and lifestyle. In our specially designed yoga sessions, you can experientially learn to correct your posture, improve your flexibility, lose weight, calm your mind and strengthen your body to help you deal better with stress.

WHY DO YOU NEED IT : The human body is designed for movement 

  • Sitting for long hours continuously can decrease flexibility and mobility. 
  • This leads to joint pain, muscle tightness and poor posture 
  • Lowers your metabolic rate and can lead to obesity and lifestyles diseases
  • Late nights, long hours of travel and inadequate sunlight all lead to physical and mental stress.

Building Essential Strength

HOW CAN WE HELP: Our AsanaPranayama, Bandha and Mudra series will help:

  • Alleviate head, neck and back strain.
  • Reduce and Prevent Carpel tunnel Syndrome
  • Improve posture and flexibility
  • Increase your strength and balance
  • Burn fat and tone muscles
  • The breathing techniques gives the lungs more space to breathe thus improving oxygen supply to the body
  • Improves blood circulation allowing your heart, lungs and muscles to work efficiently
  • Simple twists, bends and inversion postures can speed up the elimination of waste from the body, improve immunity and  help  tone muscles
  •  Improves your mood and mindfulness
  • Build focus and concentration